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Here at Kino, we want you to enjoy perfect health and quality of life. Our decades of research in the field of CBD cream for pain and CBD skin care allows us to provide customers with all-natural, Toxic-Free Certified and Cruelty-Free products.

Kino sells the best CBD oil, lotions, natural lip balm, and CBD creams. Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound extracted from hemp, packing a big punch of health without getting you high.

Proven an excellent pain reliever and a whole body-pampering agent, CBD together with our world class natural oils and ingredients help people all over the world. We believe in the healing powers of Nature and we are adamant in bringing you the latest science-based formulations so you can enjoy the health and looks that you deserve.

What is CBD: Science Explains

The cannabis plant contains more than 100 different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, which interact with the body's endocannabinoid system in ways that researchers are still working toward understanding. One of those cannabinoids is CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it won't get you high and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.

What is CBD Good for

Cannabidiol interacts with our bodies through the network of neurons called the Endocannabinoid System. It contains receptors that bind to the cannabidiol (CBD) you introduce to your bloodstream when you eat or apply CBD products. So far, CBD products (edible or topical) proved efficient in conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, metabolic illnesses, cardiovascular dysfunctions, neurological problems, skin diseases, gut disorders, and more. Since it is a non-psychoactive natural component, it will not get you high and can even counteract the effects of THC.

Heal From The Outside-In

CBD & Glutathione Infused Pain Cream

Glutathione is known as the Master Antioxidant. It helps the body produce and recycle antioxidants, which is imperative for maintaining cellular health. 

Researchers have learned that due to intense levels of oxidative stress in muscle cells, athletes suffer from significant muscle soreness and damage. Optimal glutathione levels in muscle cells helps to reduce oxidative stress and its resultant muscle soreness, for more frequent workouts.

Weight lifting, exercise, and general activity causes the production of pro-oxidants, so powerful antioxidants like glutathione can assist the body in the recovery process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to learn more about the benefits of CBD and its current uses, please read the FAQs section below!

1. What does CBD oil do?

Recent research shows that CBD oil shows significant improvements for people in need of remedies for chronic pain, anxiety, and a wide variety of skin/scalp dermatological problems.

·       The CBD in the oils enters your body and connects to your endocannabinoid system, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.

·       Some studies show it has a significant impact in the treatment of sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, post-surgery incision pain, joint pain, and more.

·        Regarding skin care, the use of CBD oil correlates with alleviating skin irritations, acne reductions, dry skin and hair treatments, flaky scalp improvements, and more.

2. Does CBD make you high or cause addiction?

Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not get you high or addicted. On the contrary, studies show that CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. Some lab experiments also suggest that CBD can rewire the brain circuits involved in addiction, reducing morphine and heroin-seeking behaviors.

3. How Does CBD Make You Feel?

If you are thinking about the psychoactive properties associated with cannabis, it is not the case. Using a CBD pain relief cream, however, will make you feel ache-free and ready to go on about your daily activities. A CBD cream for pain with Glutathione (the Master Antioxidant) alleviates muscle soreness, joint pain, and inflammation as it reduces oxidative stress.

4. Does CBD Make You Sleepy/Tired?

Studies reached a consensus that the use of CBD is safe for most people, with few to none side-effects. However, it may interfere with some medications. Before you start using a CBD oil for pain or skin care, talk to your doctor in case you also follow a medical treatment.

5. What Are the Other Benefits of CBD?

You can access a massive amount of studies pinpointing the benefits of CBD-based products. If you wondered what is CBD oil good for (together with other CBD-based products), here is what science has to say:

·       May help with acne and other skin conditions

·       May help with muscle and other body pains

·       May help with muscle recovery after workouts or other strenuos activities

Researchers still have studies to conduct, but CBD oils, lotions, sprays, organic lip balm, and creams show excellent potential in solving many health problems from within and outside-in as well.

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