12 Reasons Why Ginger Is Good For Your Body

While ginger may not be your favorite snack on its own, by mixing it in other food, such as vegetables or with meat, you may enjoy this root and all the benefits it has for your health. It is a common part of meals of the Indian Subcontinent and Asia. It is also traditionally used as a healing agent for various diseases.

The following are 12 of the major health benefits of ginger:

1.      Combats Inflammation and is an Antioxidant:

A native plant to China, ginger is linked genetically to other plants such as turmeric and cardamom. It contains gingerol which lends to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Those who are fairly overweight and have a lot of free radicals in their constitution will immensely benefit from adding ginger to their daily diet.

2.      Lessens the Effects of Nausea:

This root rhizome is the perfect solution to morning sickness. Nausea may occur when there is an inner ear disturbance due to fast travel or overeating and exercising at the same time. An herbal tea containing ginger is ideal at such a time. Ginger is also the best cure for morning sickness which is a common symptom that women face over the course of their pregnancy.

3.      Relieves Chronic Pain:

This wonderful plant sweeps away the cobwebs of pain from the bodies of those who are in extreme discomfort. Even bodybuilders who have to undergo backbreaking workouts on a daily basis can alleviate their muscular pain thanks to ginger extract. Ginger works even better combined with a painkiller thereby doubling its efficacy.

4.      Fights Fungus Growth:

Fungal infections are a pain for many people who live in damp and less than hygienic conditions. Yeast may play a role and these people may have itchy genitals. The space between the toes is vulnerable to athlete’s foot. Ginger has powerful fungus-fighting properties which have withstood the test of time. Ginger can even fight against double fungus growth that can often spread to the mouth. This is a blessing indeed.

5.      Rejuvenates the Skin and Body:

Ginger is a balm for the skin. Inflamed skin that has broken out in a rash may be soothed by the application of ginger. This healing takes place in a deep manner and is not just limited to surface action. Besides this, any pollutants in the surrounding air may damage your health and skin. These ravaging effects are offset by ginger. Ginger is truly the fountain of youth in the form of a root vegetable.

6.      Aids the Digestive Process:

Thanksgiving turkey is something that can leave you feeling bloated and with an upset stomach. The remedy for such an occasion is to either consume ginger in tea form or add the rhizome to the meal itself beforehand. It counteracts symptoms of acid reflux and any feelings of heartburn. Your bloating will subside and the rumbling stomach will find peace thanks to the magic of ginger. Ginger is ideal for digestive health and it is known to lessen bloating after a heavy meal.

7.      Acts as an Anti-Diabetic Agent:

Besides being a source of relish with meals, ginger will increase your insulin sensitivity. Some of the aches and pains that accompany high blood sugar such as fatigue and weight gain may be fought off using ginger as the ideal weapon of choice. Both Syndrome X and Type 2 diabetes are lessened with regular consumption of ginger. A few grams of ginger powder daily led to a reduction in blood glucose readings.

8.      Good for the Blood:

Ginger improves blood circulation and thus boosts your cardiovascular health. The blood starts flowing more easily through your arteries and veins and thus you become more active as a person. By preventing any fatty cholesterol deposits from clogging the inner linings of the blood vessels, ginger helps prevent heart disease or potential suffering from a paralyzing stroke.

9.      Fights against Carcinogens:

Ginger may ward off the fatal disease of cancer. In today’s industrial civilization there are a lot of chemicals, biological toxins, and dirty electromagnetic forces going around which cause abnormalities in the human body. Ginger as a spice engages in keeping these carcinogens at arm’s length. Yet there is a limit to which it can fight cancer. An extremely unhealthy diet consisting of junk food cannot be fought with merely ginger. A bit of care regarding one’s nutrition comes in handy as far as cancer prevention is concerned.

10.   Fights Colds and Flu:

Ginger juice combined with a sprinkling of black pepper is ideal for helping clear out any signs of the common cold and respiratory ailments in general. Ginger juice with honey is a good remedy for nasal congestion and bronchitis. Meanwhile, as for drinking ginger juice in its “neat” version can help to ease the symptoms of an irritable throat.

11.   Best for Female Reproductive Health:

According to a study in 2009, Ginger has been known to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. Ginger root is about as strong a natural medicine as the drug ibuprofen. Therefore it is potent and effective for providing women ease during their monthly periods. Since nearly 50% of females experience a high degree of pain during their periods, ginger tea is the ideal solution to their problems during such critical moments in their lives. 

12.   Helps with Dementia:

Finally, ginger is known to ward off the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease which haunt many aged people. Ginger tends to protect the brain from neurotoxins. Over a lifetime, plaque tends to settle in the neurons of the brain. Yet the mighty ginger root has the power to fend off such an invasion of cognitive decline in the human brain.

How to Add Ginger into your diet

Ginger bought from the green grocer’s is hard with very little abnormal growths on its surface. You will get used to judging the ginger quality in a better manner with the passage of time and with more solid experience under your belt. Always remove the withered skin and use the yellow material beneath it for cooking and herbal mixtures.

You may incorporate it into your cooked meals or blend it in your smoothies. Also, it is ideally used in salad toppings. The best place to keep ginger fresh is in the refrigerator inside a plastic bag. Be careful, since any dark signs on its skin show that the ginger root has reached its expiration date. This expired ginger ought to be thrown away. While consuming ginger powder in moderation is okay, too much of a good thing is bad. Consult your physician before going for the “more the merrier” approach since ginger may not mix well with certain drugs.

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