CBD Skincare Benefits - 3 Reasons To Love Kino CBD

In line with market trends, consumers of beauty and wellness skin products are increasingly looking for naturally-derived alternatives. One such natural ingredient that has garnered a faithful following, especially among women is CBD (aka cannabidiol). According to a 2018 survey, the number of new CBD consumers increased by a whopping 140%. And as the saying goes, “where there is smoke, there is fire.” In this case, the ‘fire’ responsible for the proliferation of CBD for skincare is the health and cosmetic benefits of the hemp-derived compound.

As much as CBD for skincare is a welcomed step in the right direction, navigating the expanding market can be overwhelming for consumers. It is a confusing space with questions such as; Which is the best CBD skincare and beauty product for you? Therefore, consumers need to educate themselves on what CBD can do for their bodies and the components of the products they’re using, among other intricacies. This is why we have taken the responsibility of highlighting some of the CBD skincare products developed by a reputable company such as Kino CBD and what each product can do for your body.

But why Kino CBD when there are tens or even hundreds of similar products in the market? Sure, the CBD e-commerce market is crowded with different vendors with a wide range of offerings. However, Kino CBD is a favorite among both new and returning customers due to our delicate blend of expertise in the field, commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, use of natural oils, and dedication to sourcing raw materials from the nutrient-rich soil of Hawaii.  

1. CBD Skincare Products: Oil Vs. Lotion Vs. Lip Balm

    What comes to your mind when you think of CBD-infused wellness or beauty products? You’ve probably pictured homemade creams made with hemp. While such CBD products are still available in the market, technological advancements have allowed manufacturers to create everything from massage oil, lotion, and even lip balm infused with CBD. This allows consumers to choose between the different forms of CBD skincare products depending on the desired impact and usage.

    CBD Lip Balm

    There is something enticing about hydrated and healthy lips! Whether for eating, speech, or even kissing, the health of your lips is essential. But did you know that the lips don’t contain sweat glands, which are responsible for moisturizing the skin? This is the reason as to why your lips are probably the first body part to dry out when you’re dehydrated. Thankfully, lip balms seem to remedy cracking, chapped, or dry lips for most users. So why not take a step further by enhancing the outcome of your usual lip balm with the help of CBD?

    According to a study published in the Journal of Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, the skin (including your lips) contains endocannabinoid receptors. Applying CBD infused lip balm can enhance the regeneration of skin cells* and modulate endocannabinoid disruptions on your lips such as pain, cold sores, and dryness. At just $12, you can get your hand (or lips) on our 15mg Organic Coconut Mango CBD Lip Balm. With this vegan and toxic-free product, you get to enjoy shiny lips, pain relief, and moisturized lips.

    CBD Oil

    You’ve probably noticed that the beauty and wellness section of a grocery store is crowded with expensive creams and oils that are meant to hide your blemishes. Unfortunately, some of these products have temporary effects, and adverse side effects might even accompany them. Rather than covering up your skin, you should consider using whole-plant hemp CBD oils. Wait, what is whole-plant hemp CDB?

    Although scientific studies show that topical CBD oil is a promising remedy for numerous skin conditions*, aging*, skin irritation*, and pain*, not all CBD oils are made equally. Whole plant hemp CBD contains terpenes, omega fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, CBD, and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. These plant materials work together to combine their individual health benefits in what is known as the entourage effect (i.e., the combined impact is greater than each individual effect). For just $58 Kino CBD offers either the 500mg CBD Kukui Oil (White Gardenia) or 500mg CBD Kukui Nut (Coconut & Lilikoi) CBD oil to improve your hair, face, and body skin health* like never before.

    CBD Lotion

    Are you suffering from body and muscle pain/stiffness? Or is your skin always dry and dehydrated? If so, the solution to your general skincare needs might be contained in a bottle of whole plant hemp CBD lotion. CBD is infused into the 500mg CBD (Coconut Lilikoi) Kukui Nut Oil Body Lotion and the 500mg Kukui Nut (White Gardenia) CBD Body Lotion to nourish, soothe, and restore the skin to its former glory.

    2. CBD Skincare Reviews

      In this review, we share the honest opinions and experiences of satisfied clients who used products in Kino’s range of CBD skincare products.

      Unlike other CBD infused lip balm products, the Kino Organic Coconut Mango CBD Lip Balm is made with a variety of organic products including cocoa and macadamia butter. These ingredients enhance the lips’ plumpness and even out the skin tone. According to reviewers, the lip balm has superior moisturizing, healing, and protection properties. One customer claimed that her “lips are very easy to agitate, and this has definitely helped them remain soft!” Did we mention that we have a satisfaction guarantee policy that entitles you to a refund if you don’t love our lip balm? Yea, that’s the level of confidence we have in our products.

      If you want your days of dry, aching skin behind you, Kino’s 500mg CBD (Coconut Lilikoi) Kukui Nut Oil Body Lotion and 500mg Kukui Nut (White Gardenia) CBD Body Lotion should be in your shopping cart as soon as possible. Why so? Based on rave reviews by satisfied customers, the CBD body lotions are effective remedies in enhancing your skins elasticity, natural glow, and relief for skin irritation – not to mention the ultra-moisturizing effects of coconut, macadamia, kukui nut and other natural oils infused in the lotion. The products also come in a signature fragrance that has been described by users as “very fresh” and “very refreshing.”

      When you purchase Kino’s 500mg CBD Kukui Oil (White Gardenia) or 500mg CBD Kukui Nut (Coconut & Lilikoi) CBD oil, you get to enjoy a range of benefits including (but not limited to) relief for acne, protection against pore-clogging, soothing of scalp irritations, preservation of moisture, and nourishment on the skin. In addition to the enhanced benefits due to the entourage effect, you also benefit from the therapeutic properties of locally sourced organic Kukui nuts, Coconuts, and passion fruits. The CBD lotions have also earned the ‘clean’ seal of approval for being vegan, toxic, and cruelty-free.

      CBD Oil for Massage – What You Need to Know

      3. CBD Oil for Massage – What You Need to Know

        Regular massage is beneficial to both the mind and body. It improves blood circulation, body posture, promotes muscle relaxation, and relieves tension/stress. Now with interest in the health benefits of CBD rising, massage therapists and spas are considering the hemp extract as an addition to their services.

        CBD cream and oil for massage is mainly attracting the attention of people seeking targeted inflammation and pain treatment. According to a study appearing in the European Journal of Pain, transdermal CBD is a remedy for joint pain*. It also possesses potent anti-inflammatory* properties that reduce the recovery time of athletes. So the next time you think about going for a massage, incorporating CBD could add to the health effects of essential oil aromatherapy.

        Are you looking for the best CBD remedy for pain*, injury recovery*, and muscle relaxation*? Why don’t you give our RECOVER 260mg CBD Pain Cream with Glutathione a try? It's perfect for enthusiasts, competitive athletes, and anyone suffering from joint/body pain. In addition to the anti-inflammatory* and pain management* properties of CBD, the cream also contains glutathione to promote cellular recovery.

        Conclusion – Our Customers Love Us, So Will You!

        Kino CBD skincare formulas and products are made with careful attention to detail from conception to creation – courtesy of sustainable practices. They are all-natural and free of harmful chemicals such as solvents, gluten, phosphates, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. We go the extra mile to bring out the benefits of topical CBD, allowing our customers to enjoy a pure experience.

        When a customer comments that “this (CBD Kukui Nut Face, Hair, and Body Oil) has become an absolute must for my nighttime skincare routine. My skin looks amazing and the compliments I’ve been getting back it up,” it points to our idea of combining the highest quality, best performing, and scientifically proven natural ingredients. Our pride arises when a customer raves about the health benefits he/she has experienced thanks to our products. Therefore, if you want to be among the customers who post reviews such as “I am very pleased with this Kino lotion. My skin feels great,” go ahead and buy one of our products – trust us, you won’t regret it! Let us help your body heal from the outside-in.

        *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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