4 Reasons Our Customers Love Kino

Why do people use Kino? People want the best CBD products for their skincare regimen and wellness. Regardless of gender, we all want to feel beautiful in our own skin. This means choosing products that are effective, reliable, and safe. These vital aspects largely depend on the CBD skincare company. Hence, it’s crucial to buy from a company that pays attention to the satisfaction and wellbeing of its customers.

Unfortunately, determining the efficacy and reliability of a brand is easier said than done. Several companies in the CBD market sell low-quality products, high-quality products and everything in between. With such a diverse market, it’s hard to find brands that are transparent, authentic, and committed to their ecological and social responsibilities to the environment and consumers, respectively. So how do you weed out (pun intended) unethical companies or differentiate between companies to ensure you use nothing but the best products?

Sure, a company might make allegations to promote their authenticity, but consumers are increasingly skeptical of brands. In fact, a survey by Salesforce claims that more than 50% of consumers don’t believe companies are after their best interests. This statistic is particularly significant in the wellness and cosmetics industry, where consumers put their health and image on the line.

At Kino CBD, we understand that trust is key to human interactions and consumer-brand relationships – and the only way to gain trust is by earning it. With this in mind, we firmly believe that real user feedback is one of the best ways to determine the safety, efficacy, and reliability of a CBD product. It definitely feels good to have smooth, clear skin, and smell good – and courtesy of organic products, our CBD skincare products can also be healthy for you.

This piece attempts to decipher why people use Kino CBD products, and why you should love them too. This information is based on real user review – because what better way to earn your trust than hearing it from people who were once in your shoes?


Reason #1: Ethical Consumption

Is your CBD safe? This is a question that crosses the minds of most consumer – and rightfully so! Here’s the hard truth: Recent trends show most beauty products contain hundreds of chemical, whose safety is questionable. Constant exposure to these chemicals can lead to undesirable long-term effects on our bodies. This is not to paint processed chemical substances as scary, but always remember that your health is essential, and it always comes first. In addition to the impact of these products on their bodies, savvy consumers are also concerned with their effect on our planet.

In line with our brand message, ‘Good for the body, good for the earth,’ we are conscious of our impact on your wellbeing and the environment. Our products are ethically sourced from organic agriculture – where we harness the power of mother nature and preserve her in return. We combine the best performing, highest quality, and scientifically-proven natural ingredients to ensure the safety of our CBD products.

Caring for your health and future generations is your priority – and it’s our responsibility to facilitate and promote this noble cause. In addition to CBD, our products boast of a delicate mix of essential oils, glutathione, and other organic ingredients that collectively work to bring out the best in you by promoting your wellbeing. We’ve also taken special care to ensure all our CBD products are cruelty-free and toxic-free certified.

Whether for pain relief, muscle recovery, or relaxation, Kino CBD products are formulated to wow you without compromising on our social and environmental ethics – and our customers agree. “All I can say is wow. I’m new to CBD, but my daughter talked me into trying it. She mentioned Kino because of the glutathione combo and boy am I glad she did.” – Joseph on Kino’s Recover CBD Pain Cream.


Reason #2: Commitment to Quality Products

 “I NEVER write reviews, but this product is amazing. I have had very dry skin on my face for several years – never found a product that could help with that issue - UNTIL now- the KINO CBD Kukui Oil has helped me so much! I do use it at night and in the morning - no make-up just fresh faced! A very simple /humble THANK YOU...” – RJ on Kino’s 500mg CBD Kukui Oil for Face, Hair & Body.

This humbling review from an ecstatic customer is directly attributed to our commitment to quality. When you buy Kino CBD products, you’re purchasing nothing but the very best. We want you to enjoy the full benefits of the ‘magical cannabinoid’ because you deserve it.

Our CBD oil for face care is specially formulated with the unique benefits of whole plant hemp CBD and essential oils such as safflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, coffee arabica seed extract, sweet almond oil, babassu seed oil, and gardenia Jasminoides extracts, to name a few. Taking the example of RJ’s feedback, the moisturizing and rejuvenating properties of our CBD oil for face care helped remedy a persistent skin issue – thanks to the help of nature.

How do we maintain high standards of quality? This has to do with our brand objective, the source of our products, and of course, the team behind Kino CBD. Our natural ingredients are locally sourced from the nutrient-rich soils of Hawaii, where people share a delicate symbiotic relationship with nature. These ingredients are then formulated into the CBD oil that made RJ so happy – with the world-class input of experienced skincare experts and chemists.

Simply put, our goal is to yield the most beneficial products on the CBD for skincare market. Although anecdotal evidence from happy customers such as RJ is not conclusive proof, it definitely says something about what you should expect from using Kino CBD products.


Reason #3: Kino CBD Provides Value for Money

Based on the number of CBD companies that are popping up, the industry is highly competitive. As more and more products hit the market, it will be increasingly hard to differentiate authentic players from sub-par brands.

You might come across a dramatically low-priced CBD lip balm – but often times, you get what you paid for. Take some time to figure out why a company is offering unusually cheap products. Are they cutting corners? Are the products mislabeled? Have they been lab-tested and processed properly to ensure they don’t contain any harmful contaminants?

Customers love Kino CBD because our fair price points offer great value, without foregoing on quality. Our labels are accurate, our products are environmentally friendly, and we’re relatively affordable. At $58 for the lotions and oils, $62 for the pain cream with glutathione, $12 for the CBD lip balm, and $19.99 for the bath bombs, Kino CBD products offer quality without breaking the bank – it’s a delicate balance, as all thing should be.

Kino CBD’s value for money has been vetted and approved by its satisfied customers. One user claimed that “I was super hesitant about spending $15 on lip balm, but I’m glad I did. I make sure I have it on me at all times. very nice product.” – Patricia F on 15 mg Organic Coconut Mango CBD Lip Balm. In Patricia’s case, a little investment in Kino CBD lip balm meant that she got to enjoy improved wellbeing and a healthier body later.


Reason #4: Kino Offers Consistent Results – Feel Beautiful, Smell Beautiful, Every Day

Do you have dry and sensitive skin? Are you worried about how a product might react to your skin, or if it will even hydrate your skin? If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for a product that could offer a long-lasting solution to your skincare needs, Kino CBD lotion for dry skin and pain might be the product you need. According to one user, “I've been using this for about 10 days. even after the first application my skin felt very soft, but now after 10 days it’s incredible how smooth my skin is consistently. definitely recommend this lotion and scent.” – Rachel Keller on Kino’s 500 mg CBD Coconut Lilikoi Kukui Nut Oil Body Lotion.

An effective skincare regimen helps you feel and look beautiful! The regular use of quality organic products makes for smooth, healthy, radiant skin – capped off by an enticing natural scent. The potent whole-plant hemp CBD and additional ingredients in Kino’s CBD lotion and oil are specially formulated to hydrate, calm, and soothe your skin – all without the risk of health issue in the future. We believe that confidence and beauty start with a healthy body.



Why should you buy Kino CBD products? The short answer is because our customers love us – but there’s more to Kino than that. We strive to offer the best quality products, at the best prices, and the most seamless experience possible.

With Kino CBD, you’re guaranteed that all our products are safe, reliable and effective enough to meet your skincare objectives. Our CBD Kukui Nut Oil, RECOVER CBD Pain Cream, CBD Kukui Nut Body Lotion, CBD Lip Balm, and CBD Bath Bombs offer a therapeutic dose of mother nature, free of dangerous chemicals. You can really make your health better, and your life easier by working with a CBD skincare company that is committed to working with you – much like what we do here at Kino CBD. To help you become the best version of yourself by promoting your wellbeing, we’ve provided educational material to guide your wellness efforts and make informed purchase decisions.

Our simple and clean website provides all the essential information and other aspects to facilitate a good user experience – because we want to make you happy. The site is well-designed to allow smooth navigation, including educational resources on CBD and other natural ingredients in our products. Even after you fall in love with us and choose to buy our CBD products, we reciprocate the trust by providing a hustle-free checkout process and customer service.

Ready to experience the power of nature? Use our 15% off coupon today: LoveKino. Give your body the love it deserves – treat your skin right with the help of Kino CBD products!

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