7 Incredible Benefits of Lemon Water

Some people use lemon water rather than tea or coffee to start their day. You can find lemon water in menus of numerous restaurants. No doubt, lemons are tasty but does the addition of water make any sense here! Let’s find out.

Almost all of the research evidence associated with adding lemon to water and its benefits are very anecdotal in nature. The reason behind this is that there is a very small magnitude of scientific research conducted on this topic. However, there are many studies that provide you with enough information about the benefits of water and lemon separately. The information that we have gathered here comprises of scientific research as well as folk and Ayurvedic remedies.

In this article, we will go through seven different ways in which adding lemon to water benefits your body.

Benefits of Lemon Water

➢    It improves hydration

As per the study conducted by FNB, women’s body requires 91 ounces while men’s body needs 125 ounces on daily basis and they should get it from water in drinks and fruit. Water is excellent for hydration but there are people who don’t like its taste. Such people can add lemons to improve the flavor. It will also enable you to drink more and hydrate more.

➢    It’s Full of Vitamin C

All citrus fruits, including lemons, are rich in vitamin C. For those of you who don’t know, this vitamin is a natural antioxidant which keeps your cells free from any damages. Vitamin C also limits the duration of the common cold in some people. However, there is a lot more conflicting evidence available on this aspect.

Vitamin C is also very effective in lowering your blood pressure and reducing the risks associated with stroke or other cardiovascular diseases. Lemons don’t head the list of fruits with this vitamin but they are still a very good source. USDA conducted a study in 2018 that there is 18.6mg of vitamin C in a single lemon juice while the recommended amount of this vitamin for adults ranges from 65 to 90mg.

➢    Boosts Weight Loss

Various studies exhibit polyphenols antioxidants that are present in lemons assists in weight loss. But these studies were conducted on mice that were overfed for inducing obesity. Furthermore, these antioxidants reduce the negative impact on blood glucose and boost insulin resistance.

These are the two critical factors of diabetes. These tests are yet to be proved for humans but there is plenty of anecdotal data that supports the same results. The unclear part is whether lemons trigger the weight loss process or if water does it.

➢    Improves the Quality of Skin

Again vitamin C has a role to play here. This vitamin can reduce the wrinkling of your skin and it can also nourish the dry skin due to aging. Furthermore, the vitamin can also protect your skin from the harmful UV radiations. The idea about water does something to improve the skin is a little bit controversial. But a lab study conducted in the year 2016 established the fact that vitamin C based drinks prevent the wrinkling of the skin in hairless mice. 

➢    Assists in Food Digestion

As mentioned above, some people like to drink lemon water in the morning. According to them, it helps prevent constipation. If you drink hot or warm water in the morning after you wake up, it also boosts the digestive system. According to the experts of Ayurvedic medicine, the taste of sour lemon stimulates the digestive system. It prevents the development of any toxins and allows your body to digest food very easily.

➢    Eradicates Bad Breath

If you know about the fold remedy of rubbing lemon on hands to eradicate garlic or other strong aromas then this might seem familiar to you. You can apply the same remedy to get rid of bad breath that is caused by strongly flavored foods such as fish, onion, or garlic. You can do so in the morning or after your meals. Lemons are good in stimulating saliva while water prevents dry mouth. Both these issues lead to bacteria development that causes bad breath.

➢    Prevents Kidney Stones

The citrate or citric acid of lemons works well against kidney stones. Citrate is a component in citric acid and it can reduce the acidic nature of your urine. In the long run, it can also break up the stones in kidneys. If you drink lemon water you will not only be able to get citrate but your body will also be able to flush the stones out with the help of water.

How to Make Lemon Water?

You have to be consistent in drinking lemon water if you want to reap the benefits from it. Of course, you cannot achieve all this by cutting and adding the juice from a single wedge of lemon in your water. Make sure not to use artificial lemon from a bottle. Always take fresh lemons if you want to see positive results.

Making lemon water is no big deal. Just squeeze half of a fresh lemon into at least 8 ounces of cold or warm water. To make the drink a healthy one, you can use organic lemons and filtered water. If you want to induce more flavors then you can also add a few springs of mint, a teaspoon of raw honey or maple syrup, a fresh ginger slice, a cinnamon dash, and a turmeric sprinkle.

You can also use other citrus fruits like oranges limes and add cucumber slices. Don’t forget to wash all the produce before you use them. You can also make lemon ice cubes to quickly add lemon to your water. You can either start your day with warm lemon water or have it in a jug for all day use as well.

Things to Keep in Mind

Some people might feel that they experience a lot of bathroom breaks throughout the day as soon as they start drinking lemon water. Lemon or vitamin C don’t cause any diuretic effects or increase the urine that your body produces throughout the day.

Contrary to the scientific evidence people still believe in this idea. The increased number of bathroom breaks is only caused by the increased amount of water intake. When we talk about heartburn lemon water may affect people differently. Some might feel a sense of relief while others might feel quite the opposite. In this scenario, you will only have to try out for yourself and see the results.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is tooth enamel. As lemons have citric acid that can erode tooth enamel. Therefore, to lower the risks you can drink your lemon water using a straw and rinse your mouth with plain water later on.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of evidence that describes a number of potential benefits of lemon water. Even if they are not supported by enough data, we do know that lemon water is going to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated is essential for good health. Therefore, consuming lemon water guarantees positive results in the long run. 

Photo by: Lauren Mancke

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