CBD Oil Benefits For Skin And Acne

Cannabidiol Oil (also known as CBD oil) is oil extracted from hemp or cannabis plants. Unlike THC, this oil is not used to get high, but rather for aches and pains when topically applied. It is the newest thing in the market and has found its way into skincare products.

In this article, you will find everything you need to truly know about CBD oil!

Benefits of CBD Oil

There are several different benefits to CBD oil. Before we dive deeper and get to know how they work, let us look at the particular benefits of this oil when applied externally.

  • CBD Oil for Acne and Skin

CBD oil is a trending solution for acne in recent times because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Since acne is an inflammatory skin condition, it crosses out and makes for an easy way to help the skin clear. Another factor of acne is excreting sebum oil. Sebum oil further worsens breakouts. However, CBD oil proves to reduce sebum product and helps the acne prone skin.

While there are several other acne treatments that benefit users, CBD oil has taken the trophy. It may not have a proper medical study on it, but it seems to have worked for many people. You can also take a look at these antioxidants that are backed up by research for more options.

CBD oil is proven to have a great impact on skin otherwise. It is great to heal skin on a daily basis and is a part of facials and spas too. It is also great for skin problems like eczema which are almost incurable.

It’s important however to take a look at the other ingredients in your CBD skincare. Many brands simply label a CBD oil “skincare” or “acne treatment”, but do not understand the necessary other high quality ingredients. If a skincare product is formulated poorly it can have an adverse effect, causing more breakouts. That’s why at Kino, we’re extremely diligent about using the right ingredients and the highest quality.

Our Face Oils are infused with Kukui Nut oil because it is absorbs into the deepest layers of the skin. It forms a protective layer over the top of the skin, protecting it from environmental damage. This results in smoother and healthier skin.

All of our lotions and oils also use natural bacteria fighting ingredients to stop breakouts at their root. While the CBD in our products help increase blood flow, we also use Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Extract to help boost blood flow. This is imperative for moving toxins out of the body and away for the surface of your skin. 

  • CBD Oil for Anti-Aging

The antioxidant properties found in CBD are also exciting for their anti-aging qualities. Research has been indicating that these antioxidant properties can help lessen the side effects of aging skin. Given that CBD oil has been found to reduce inflammation and counteract free-radical damage, CBD anti-aging oils, creams, and lotions may be able to help visibly reduce wrinkles, skin dullness, and ruddy skin tone. 

  • CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Another amazing use of CBD oil is pain relief. Using prescription medicines or over the counter drugs for pain relief is dangerous to the body. CBD is a more organic approach to pain.

Rats and mice tended to have fewer specifications of pain and chronic inflammation when tested with CBD oil. It was hence concluded that CBD oil can help for pain relief. While much more research is necessary to make significant claims about the benefits of CBD oil, it could be one of the world-changing discoveries for pain in the coming times.

How Does CBD Do All This?

CBD oil is beneficial but how does it work on the body? According to these studies, CBD oil affects the receptors in the body. Our body has its own Cannabidiol called the CB 1 and CB 2.

The CB 1 is responsible for dealing with pain, emotions, moods, and others. CB 2 is present in the immune system. Now CBD makes sure that the body makes enough of these receptors to deal with the pain and inflammation. This is the reason why they work for the body so well.

Is CBD Oil Even Legal?

The question of that depends on the place. In several parts of the USA alone, it varies. The usage, the interpretations, and other factors make it legal or illegal to use. However, you can say that the world is becoming more familiar with it and there are many skin care products that use this oil now.


Photo by: Kevin Laminto

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