"When We Are Faced With Challenges, We Look To Nature For Guidance."

In the Hawaiian Language, the word 'kino' means body.

Culturally, the people and the earth share a symbiotic relationship with one another.  The earth provides for the people, and in turn, the people treat the earth with respect and reverence.  Kino's journey also began with this simple but powerful notion, and our products reflect this belief. 

The Idea

Combine the highest quality, best performing, and scientifically proven natural ingredients.

Our Message

'Good for the body, good for the earth.'

The earth provides everything the body needs.  We would like to respect and preserve her resources so we may continue to flourish.

Environmental Responsibility

Conscious of our impact.

We believe that the environment should not have to suffer for our benefit. Our ingredients and formulations are chosen and designed to have a minimal impact while providing maximum benefit.